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Wind energy leaders inspire up-and-coming players

UL-DEWI, the wind energy experts in Europe

Wind energy in Europe, for example in Germany, has seen enormous growth in the last two decades. UL-DEWI has helped shape much of that growth and has just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in Germany.

In the beginning, UL-DEWI concentrated primarily on research, helping an emerging technology and market innovate solutions for wind energy development and distribution. Today the services sector has grown in importance and accounts for more than 75% of the company turnover. Customers benefit from this mix of research and services, because services are often based on the latest innovations. Two years in a row, UL-DEWI’s advisory services have been commended by the industry and commerce magazine BrandEins in the “Best Advisor” edition.

UL-DEWI has also founded the DEWI-OCC Offshore and Certification Centre GmbH, marking entry into the important field of wind turbine certifications and helping ensure that UL-DEWI is well-positioned to meet future challenges in offshore wind energy.

The anniversary of DEWI Germany was a great opportunity to look back, it also sheds light on the future of wind energy. UL-DEWI’s expansion into international markets has led to rewarding exchanges in regions where wind energy has great untapped potential, for example Brazil.

With its impressive amount of wind resources, it’s no surprise Brazil is among the top ten countries using wind power. By improving its energy sector planning in the next 10 years, Brazil could radically strengthen its utilization of wind.

Brazil will benefit greatly from experienced experts who can advise and guide the national energy sector to safely and economically deploy the state-of-the-art renewable energy technology. By 2023, Brazil’s energy matrix is projected to be 11.5% wind power, and will certainly grow from strength to strength.

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