UL helps you reach the Argentinean Market with 60% less time and costs

In December of 2015, the local Government in Argentina suspended all agreements with certification companies regarding testing of products outside of Argentina. Exporters had to test all products in Argentinean labs, even if those products had already gone through similar tests in other countries.

UL: First to negotiate change

In January of 2017, UL was the first certification company to renegotiate an agreement that would expedite this process by having the Argentinean authorities recognize tests conducted by UL in Brazil, USA, Canada, Denmark and Japan for the S Mark.

“With this change, we will reduce from 2 months to about 2 weeks the timeline for the S Mark process in case of products that were already tested in our labs in Brazil, USA, Canada, Denmark and Japan”, says Alvaro Theisen, General Manager for UL in Latin America. “This is an important step to speed up the process and decrease costs for Brazilian exporters”, he evaluates. This agreement will decrease between 50 to 60% the certification cost for the S Mark for exporters, once they won´t have to redo the tests.

How that can help YOU

These agreements mean that if you work with UL in any of the aforementioned countries, you can enter the Argentinean market faster and pay a fraction of the cost you would before. “With the support of our team in Buenos Aires, we can offer a complete solution to companies interested in selling their products in the Argentinean market”, explains Theisen.

Our local team of experts can help you navigate local regulations, cultural differences and close the language barrier making your access to the market a lot easier and practical.

Why Argentina?

Argentina is the second largest country is Latin America and self-sufficient in foodstuffs, oil & gas and power. Argentina is known for being the best point of entry to MERCOSUR – the regional common market that includes Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Mercosur market consists of 226 million people with a GDP of 40% of Latin America´s total GDP. In 2015, the countries-member of MERCOSUR had a combined GDP of $ 2.3 trillion – 83% of the group´s economy.

Argentina is a key MERCOSUR member and one of the easiest markets to access in Latin America and with the agreements negotiated by UL with the local Government, the process could be even easier.

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