UL and Interoperability - testing your connections

Widespread internet access and the Internet of Things (IoT) rocketed interoperability into a whole new dimension. Now, just about anything, from cars and building sensors to wearables and appliances, can be connected to each other with the promise of making life a bit easier.

This ever-connected world presents new, exciting opportunities for manufacturers to develop products that integrate seamlessly into people’s lives. To do so, these connected products must meet performance expectations and compliance standards while also minimizing potential cybersecurity risks. With that, everything must be designed to work well in a system containing countless other devices to ensure that interoperability does not hinder the customer experience.

Challenges arise when so many different kinds of products and industries featuring interoperability and connectivity must be established over a range of different technologies, protocols and dynamic systems. Assuring interoperability requires an attention to detail from the earliest stages of product development. UL’s unrivaled expertise, state-of-the-art technology and global footprint enable us to deliver comprehensive testing, certification and market access solutions for your connected products. We are an approved testing laboratory for many Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless standards bodies such as Bluetooth SIG, Open Connectivity Forum (OCF), Thread Group, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), WirelessHD Consortium, and Zigbee Alliance.

Our tests recreate real-world scenarios, so manufacturers can see exactly how their product will perform and at what point a connection failure occurs. Manufacturers can then take these findings and feedback from UL experts to fine-tune their products into top performers.

Testing early can help manufacturers avoid product delays and the potential damage to their brand reputation that can result from poor performance, negative customer reviews or even product recalls.

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