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New standards raise the bar on cybersecurity

The Internet of Things connects the world in ways unimaginable a decade ago. Soon 5.5 million new devices will become connected each day, dramatically changing the way we live and interact with our environment.

The benefits are clear; but are we addressing the risks? Data shared and spread via interconnected technologies is increasingly exposed to attacks by cybercriminals. One in five people will become the victim of a cybercrime. Security, operability and privacy in network-connectable products are at a greater risk of being breached, incurring huge financial losses.

In April 2016, UL launched the Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP). The new UL 2900 series of standards offers testable cybersecurity criteria for network-connectable products and systems.

UL CAP will help manufacturers and vendors by:

  • assessing software vulnerabilities
  • minimizing exploitation
  • addressing known malware
  • reviewing security controls
  • increasing security awareness

UL CAP evaluates both the security of network-connectable products and systems and the vendor processes for developing and maintaining products and systems with a security focus. UL can then suggest methods to help customers build safer products.

The UL CAP services will reach out to a wide range of industries such as: industrial control systems, medical devices, automotive, HVAC, lighting, smart home, appliances, alarm systems, fire systems, building automation, smart meters, network equipment, and consumer electronics.

Other services and trouble-shooting measures can be taken to support safety and security in Industry 4.0 initiatives such as EMC/Radio testing and confirming compliance to other relevant standards, including IEC 62443.

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