Entering the U.S. market - think safety first!

Market Access to the United States – with UL

Do you have a strong product that you believe has a good chance for success in the United States? As the world's largest economy, the United States is certainly an attractive market, but the land of opportunities is also the land of strict safety regulations. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) knows safety and safety science in the United States better than any other independent certification body, making it the ideal partner for companies that wish to launch safety certified products there. Your products will not only meet strict local requirements, but at the same time also benefit from the strong trust consumers have in the UL Mark.

UL for certifiable safety in the U.S.

Certification takes on an especially important role in the U.S. market as product liability legislation is much stricter than in Europe. With more than a century of experience in certifying products that meet or exceed these complex local requirements, UL is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers gain the compliance and performance credentials they need for the U.S. market.

Founded in the U.S. in 1894, today UL remains the single most trusted safety mark there, with the widest recognition amongst local consumers and authorities. The UL Mark currently unites nearly 70,000 manufacturers who regularly turn to UL for product certification.

The UL certification process ideally starts with a preliminary investigation that gives clients the opportunity to correct any non-compliance issues before the actual certification process begins. It is feasible and even advisable to begin this investigation as early as a product's design phase. Next, clients submit relevant documentation and UL technical staff carry out tests to the applicable standards. Once this step is completed, the product is certified.

After certification, UL performs Follow-Up Services (FUS) at the place of manufacture to determine that the product continues to meet the certification criteria. The product will also be included in UL's Online Certifications Directory, allowing stakeholders to confirm specific product certifications.

UL's wide range of services also covers inspection, testing to customer-defined requirements and education initiatives. As a certified body under the international CB Scheme, UL furthermore can facilitate multiple international certifications through a single certified testing process, also known as Global Market Access, saving manufacturers considerable time and money.

As a part of UL's dedication to advancing the future of safety, the company invests heavily in scientific research. UL is also actively involved in the development of product safety standards in the United States as well as internationally, participating in over 150 standards development programs around the world.

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